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Center Coast Capital Advisors, LP

Center Coast Capital Advisors, LP is a registered investment adviser headquartered in Houston, Texas focusing on energy-related master limited partnerships (MLPs). Center Coast manages MLP assets with an investment process focused on due diligence from an owner-operator perspective. The goal of this process is to produce a portfolio of the highest quality MLPs possessing the most durable cash flows, transparent growth prospects and quality management teams in order to generate a high level of risk-adjusted returns. Center Coast uses its unique experience and access to an extensive information network to conduct thorough due diligence and structured investment decision-making for selection of, what we believe to be, investments in the highest quality public MLP companies.


  • Extensive Experience Owning, Operating and Investing in MLPs: The research and investment process are led by a former MLP CEO and MLP M&A specialist.  The most senior Portfolio Manager has acquired, owned and operated midstream energy assets for over 35 years.  This experience gives Center Coast the ability to evaluate investments from an owner-operator perspective as well as from a financial perspective.  This operator perspective enables CCC to better appraise the quality of the MLP assets and management teams of the various partnerships and the associated risks, which we believe will result in better investment decisions.
  • Financial and Management Proficiency: The risk management team is led by former Goldman Sachs Investment Management professionals who have been managing portfolios of MLPs for over nineteen years. These individuals have deep knowledge of complex quantitative investment processes and hedging strategies.  Additionally, the team has extensive experience and expertise in securities and regulatory matters, having managed three publicly traded entities.
  • Location in Houston Provides Informational Edge: Being located in Houston, Center Coast has access to a broad information network.  In fact, 21 of the 50 partnerships in the Alerian MLP Index are headquartered within 10 miles of Center Coast’s office. This proximity enables Center Coast to piece together information sources in order to gather intelligence about emerging trends, valuations and private equity activity.


An investment in the MLP sector is an investment in the continued expansion of US energy infrastructure- the outlook for continued growth within this sector is very strong. The principals of Center Coast Capital have over 80 years of combined experience as financial investors and owner/operators of midstream energy assets. We believe combining vast midstream operational knowledge with financial market experience ensures investment in a diversified portfolio of high quality MLPs.