Robinson Opportunistic Income Fund (RBNAX, RBNCX, RBNNX)


Jun 30, 2017$0.0507$0.0441$0.0530
May 31, 2017$0.0497$0.0429$0.0521
Apr 28, 2017$0.0502$0.0433$0.0525
Mar 31, 2017$0.0586$0.0518$0.0610
Feb 28, 2017$0.0501$0.0450$0.0522
Jan 31, 2017$0.0417$0.0348$0.0441
Dec 29, 2016$0.0664$0.0595$0.0686
Nov 30, 2016$0.0564$0.0518$0.0598
Oct 31, 2016$0.0670$0.0602$0.0693
Sep 30, 2016$0.0677$0.0620$0.0699
Aug 31, 2016$0.0628$0.0565$0.0651
Jul 29, 2016$0.0696$0.0633$0.0717
Jun 30, 2016$0.0710$0.0641$0.0724
May 31, 2016$0.0686$0.0630$0.0708
Apr 29, 2016$0.0650$0.0585$0.0651
Mar 31, 2016$0.0798$0.0799$0.0803
Feb 29, 2016$0.0670$0.0618$0.0687
Jan 29, 2016$0.0375$0.0313$0.0400

Past distributions are not indicative of future results. Distributions, the amount of distributions, and the tax characterization of distributions are not guaranteed. There is no guarantee that all distributions from the Fund to shareholders will be characterized as income for U.S. federal income tax purposes. For example, a portion of the distributions to shareholders may be characterized as return of capital, which would serve to reduce the shareholder’s cost basis, or capital gains due to the nature of the distributions from the underlying closed-end funds held by the Fund. Also, the Fund’s opportunistic trading strategies may result in a portion of the Fund’s distributions to shareholders being characterized as capital gains.

For the tax characterization of the Fund’s distributions to shareholders for calendar year 2016, please see Reports of Organizational Actions.